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YO! Sushi emerged as the premier destination for Japanese food lovers. As the name suggests, it hailed ‘sushi’ as its specialty and soon introduced several Japanese recipes that earned huge appreciation from the visitors. YO! Sushi pioneered the trend of preparing food in clear view of the guests. Also, it introduced the technology of delivering the preparations and dishes by using a conveyor belt that revolved before the customers, who could select the dish of their choice. Some of the other innovations at YO! Sushi were call buttons, robot drinks trolleys and self heating plates.
The success of YO! Sushi led to the establishment of several branches of the joint across Great Britain, with the maximum branches existing in London itself. This chain of restaurants has become a brand for delicious and assortment of Japanese delicacies and its state-of-the-art delivery and management systems.

Life after YO!

YO! Sushi catapulted Simon Woodroffe into stardom and became an international personality with regards to gourmet and hospitality management. In September 2003, Woodroffe decided to sever his ties from YO! Chain of joints and gave up his controlling rights in one of the largest deals at that time. The deal earned him a princely sum of £10m with Woodroffe deciding to hold only 22% of the stakes in the chain of restaurants. Since then, Simon Woodroffe has been involved in numerous television programmes, international corporate and promotional events and various food and lifestyle fairs and festivals. Simon Woodroffe was invited on the popular television series - Dragon’s Den and was a ‘dragon’ in the first edition of the series.